Oh no… what have they done?

The Gallardo is a modern icon of Lamborghini. At first glance, this refresh appears rushed and disjointed, and really just strikes me as a shame and missed opportunity.

If I had the means to acquire one–and I’m a long way off–I might request the front and rear of the previous model be installed instead. The front-end resembles a vaporware Lotus, while the triangular rear vents slightly evoke… the LF-A?

As some would say, “If it aint broke, don’t break it.”

Of course, it still looks quite not bad.

The rear end does seem well resolved and thought-out with its surfacing and graphical elements. It is generally more successful than the front, which is certainly aggressive and deliberate with its graphics, but something about the mix of boldness of shapes and the frailty of the remaining bodywork of the valence doesn’t jibe well for me.

Overall, I might surmise… that Lamborghini is trying too hard with this update-which is pure insanity as they clearly need not, and the update is unnecessary in the first place…

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