2014 CLA45 AMGFascinating. And a bit impressive. Mercedes-Benz introduces a new entry-level offering: the CLA (yes, I’m ignoring the Smart, the A-, and B-class). What may be of more import is the introduction of the VERY entry-level AMG: an attainable aspirational high-performance luxury vehicle.  Estimated to be priced under $50k, the CLA45 AMG should get some more Audi- and BMW-driving Millenials interested in the three-pointed star.

2014 CLA45 AMGSurely there will be plenty of complaints that this move dilutes the AMG sub-brand that Mercedes has thus far done so well nurturing into a semi-mainstream luxury-performance ideal, but this will–absolutely, without a doubt–get more traffic in showrooms, more butts in seats, and more buyers in brand.

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250I am a fan of a good portion of modern MB product and a fair deal of older stuff as well, but let’s not forget that Mercedes “fell into” its luxury reputation when in reality, it was making extremely well-engineered, high-quality, and reliable personal transportation. These cars were certainly not inexpensive, but a C-class was never intended to trick its driver into believing it was driving a Rolls-Royce, and I don’t believe a CLA45 AMG will fool its buyer into thinking it’s a Ferrari…

2014 CLA45 AMGThough, who can say what truly goes on inside the mind of a customer?

Enjoy the gallery, and check out that interior!

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