2017 Porsche 718 Boxster (2)…and that seems like a really good thing.

Perhaps not the best thing for “purists”, or for the stereotypical Porsche owner, but this product really exemplifies modern Porsche in its efforts to offer ever-more efficient high-performance technology.

Certainly, some will be immediately turned off by the words “four cylinder” (even a turbo unit pushing out 300hp) being associated with a Porsche, but I do seem to recall at least two other 4-cylinder-boxer-powered Porsche that drew little-to-no derision: the 356, and the original 718.

Other often-overlooked but sort of badass 4-cylinder Porsches were the 944 Turbo and the 968. Interestingly enough, neither of those were boxer motors. The new Boxster 718 is obviously a new generation–and a thoroughly modern interpretation–of Porsche 4-banger, but definitely finds itself in good company.

And I can’t wait to test drive it.

While the new engine is some PRETTY HUGE news, truth be told, most buyers likely won’t notice the interior and exterior updates. To my eye, the front end looks more modern, tightened up, and positioned more in line with the rest of the Zuffenhausen’s current offerings. The rear, surprisingly, conveys a bit of Macan to me. Also of note, the pricing scheme has been modified, seemingly to rectify a long-time irregularity: the Cayman is now priced under the Boxster.

Here’s a quick look at the outgoing Porsche Boxster for comparison:

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