About Motocrit

What is motocrit all about?

Motocrit.com is an online automotive design resource.

This means topics of interest include new product development, exterior design, interior design, human factors, interface design, drivetrain development, innovations in materials and technologies, advances in production methods, infrastructure improvements, and global safety regulations.

Are you a car fanatic? Welcome.
Are you currently studying transportation design? This site is for you.
Are you thinking about becoming a car designer? This site is for you, too.

This will also be a place to read hyper-critical design reviews of cars of all sorts: new, not-so-new, and classics.

Some will be driven, some will be worshiped.  And we’ll always strive to have gorgeous photos of cars.

Some cars suck, and we’ll totally acknowledge that. Some cars are completely awesome, and we’ll talk about them too.

Additionally, some content will inevitably arise regarding autoshows, product placement, and corporate concerns such as bankruptcies, mergers, takeovers and personnel changes.

And take a look at our Car Design Glossary once it’s up. It’s intended to be a living document supported by wiki so that it always has up-to-date definitions of existing terms and grows with industry trends. So please add to it!

5 Responses to “About Motocrit”

  1. Chrissy September|25| 2012 at 11|09|pm #

    this site is awesome!

  2. mlyden September|25| 2012 at 11|15|pm #

    Thank you very much! Stay tuned for some crazily in-depth car design commentary in the near future!

  3. Pj January|24| 2013 at 7|09|am #

    Great site! Information pulled together that is interesting and well said commentary. A well done e magazine.

  4. Brett Mason July|10| 2013 at 10|49|pm #

    Well done!

  5. mikelyden July|10| 2013 at 11|23|pm #

    Thanks very much Brett! Hope you enjoy the info and photos!

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