Surprise! The 2014 Corvette is on its way. The emblem works!

Debuting next January, most are expecting the C7 to be an evolution of the C6 incorporating elements of the Stingray concept (hopefully not those headlamps) with modern surfacing and tight radius surface transitions with sharp cut lines. While it’s no surprise that these items would be included, most enthusiasts will admit to the complete inability to resist learning more information ahead of the new ‘Vette’s reveal.

Chevy is teasing us with some details in this new video:

Now that you’ve seen that, let’s take a close look at some screen captures to see what can be definitively gleaned about the newest iteration of America’s Sports Car!The same as seen on the test mule?

Air intake… grill?

Hood vents?

Click through this high-resolution gallery to see if you can identify these parts–and let me know if you do.

Check out the official countdown site from Chevy for more videos as they are released and the Corvette Facebook page for more info as it becomes available.

And in case you need more right now, Automobile has a pretty thorough selection of spy shots: C7 Interior Spotted

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