This post brought to you by Escort Radar + Laser Detectors. The content and opinions expressed below are that of motocrit.

Escort post 1 image 1With Thanksgiving upon us and both Christmas and New Year’s around the corner, many of us are considering the harsh reality that is part and parcel to the holidays: Holiday Traffic.

We’re not alone in the feeling that others on the roadway are vastly worse drivers than we are, and that law enforcement officials don’t hand out awards for avoiding collisions with someone who’s managed to over- or under-react to a road hazard while attempting to figure out how to hold a latte AND a cellphone AND a Chihuahua while driving.

The truth of the situation is that, for enthusiasts, driving can be pure pleasure at times… but absolute torture at other times. Traffic can add untold wasted hours to your travel time and suck the enjoyment completely out of your drive. After being stuck behind that ancient relic with the dragging bumper and inextiguishable turn indicator for 23 miles, the urge to identify an opening toward the open road ahead becomes quite strong. And it’s likely we are all too familiar with that sinking feeling that accompanies seeing a black domestic vehicle appear in the rearview after a bit of spirited, expert-level evasive driving.

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That being said, as I am an avid driver–and drive often and frequently over long distances–it was suggested I purchase a radar detector to mitigate the stresses of travel on public roadways. Truthfully, I’ve thought about it before and never owned one, but could think of not a single reason why not to make use of one. Logically, I thoroughly support being an alert and informed driver–for the safety of your passengers and others on the road: the more information one has, the better decisions one can make. And what does a radar detector do if not inform its user?

So, research began. Did you know that radar detectors offer a HUGE range of installation and fitment options? And that some provide data that is supplemented by mobile apps and subscription services? They also look, sound, and function much, much better than the units I recall from the 80s and 90s…

I also found Escort Radar offerings are more often more highly recommended than the Valentine One… AND that there is a surprisingly bold “Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee” available if you buy a Max 360 directly from Escort:

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Looking more deeply into the Max360, it has very high-tech features including: a multicolor OLED display, the namesake 360-degree directional alert arrows, dual antennas, various Radar-band recognition AND Laser detection, GPS-rectified auto-learning to eliminate false alarms, bluetooth connectivity for use with its mobile app, access to the Defender Database for up-to-date traffic and safety camera locations… and a lot more in-depth technical specifications that no doubt provide extremely precise data on signals detected.

View this link to learn more about how Escort products can help travelers reduce stress on the road: Escort 360

MOTOCRIT will be receiving an Escort product to test and will be following this post with another in the near future to share our experience and findings while using this product… perhaps on the drive over the river and through the woods.

This post brought to you by Escort Radar + Laser Detectors. The content and opinions expressed below are that of motocrit.

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