OK, I’ll admit love spy shots, so I don’t mind in the slightest what appears to be a false leak, so…

Take a gander at that interior!

And the subtle concavity to the surfacing leading to their transitions on its hood, fenders, and front fascia. The transition is also crisply defined through the grill’s brightwork. Complex without being overly visually busy–the headlamps could even be considered minimalist, and the LED marker lights leading into the lower intake… Nice.

And this is just up front. There’s a lot to love here so far, but let’s reserve judgement: for now, it looks modern, elegant, premium, masculine, slightly aggressive, but not overly so. Pretty impressive.

The inevitable V-Series version might cause the earth to break apart, but let’s wait and see! In the mean time, behold this (pleasantly) surprisingly handsome gallery:

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