For me, the combination of the terms ‘Ferrari’ and ‘One-Off’ conjure up images of lifestyles of the rich and famous; Princes and Sheikhs, and Billionaire playboys throwing money at all sorts of extravagances the likes of which most of us haven’t even had the time to imagine.

Though, sometimes, they manage to do something that is more tasteful than gaudy, and self-serving but overt enough for the rest of the world to enjoy. Here are a few examples of those things:

The newest of these special projects: the 458 MM Speciale


P4/5 (AND the P4/5 Competizione)

James Glickenhaus seems to be a pretty badass dude. Not only was he approached personally by Pininfarina and asked if he might be interested in commissioning a one-off Ferrari, he actually said yes, picked an awesome car as design inspiration and built it on one of the last available Enzos, IMPROVED upon it, and THEN after that was built, he built another (non-Ferrari-endorsed) version strictly for racing based on a Ferrari F430.

Seriously, that is pretty badass.

The SP1

Built for Junichiro Hiramatsu, the SP1 is a one-off F430 with bodywork by Fioravanti

P540 Superfast Aperta

Money can’t buy taste? 

612 GTS Pavesi

Slightly massaged Scaglietti; a few touches here and there, most notably: the rear lamps are borrowed from the 599.

Superamerica 45

Custom 599 with roto-top in Blu Antille built for Peter Kalilow.


Eric Clapton’s SP12 EC is perhaps the prettiest, though I’ll admit some bias. While it’s built on the 458, its styling is faithful to one of my (and Clapton’s) favorite Ferrari models, the 512 BB.

SP Arya

Wow. Styling cues from all over the place, this looks like it will be an F12-influenced GTO of sorts. Destined to be the most awe-inspiring SP yet? Too early to tell without seeing the roof and rear… but I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Looking forward to seeing more of any upcoming Ferrari Special Projects… enjoy this gallery in the mean time.

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