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He may not be the first person you think of when you hear the title “Transportation Designer” but you’ve definitely heard of Chip Foose. Perhaps one of the most well-known present-day automotive customizers, he breathes new life into a lot of American Muscle and creates some of the cleanest looking Hot Rods you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Foose also stars in Velocity TV’s generally light-hearted Overhaulin’ wherein he and a bunch of pretty cool dudes in SOCAL get their hands on some cars in need of a LOT of TLC and then surprise their owners by revealing they’ve secretly turned them into showstoppers. Magnaflow Foose #WithAuthorityPretty inspiring stuff all around: the show highlights a lot of motivation, thought-process, and technique used in the restoration and customization process. It’s pretty cool to see Foose use Chartpak Ad markers and gouache in his sketches and sketch renders!

Overhaulin is currently sponsored by Magnaflow—and even though the Porsche 928 I’m restoring currently makes less HP than my Saab, I have a Magnaflow exhaust on and it sounds like a magnificent beast… which leads me toward thinking I should turn my restoration into a resto-mod and give my 928 the full treatment… But that’ll be another story!

In any event, check out this video of Chip Foose talking about designing, customizing and building and how he got started; I imagine it’ll all sound pretty familiar (and pretty enjoyable) to most car guys, so share the love. And while we’re on the topic of car guys, whether you’re an F1 faithful, Rally fan, or off-roader, check out MagnaFlow’s Wall of Authority showcasing all types of masters of badassery in the automotive world. #WithAuthority

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One thought on “Magnaflow & Chip Foose: Live #WithAuthority

  1. Buen día..Quisiera saber cómo hago para incribir un auto para participar en overhaulin, qué requisitos se necesita no resido en Estados Unidos vivo en Colombia quisiera saber si puedo inscribirme y cumplirle el sueño a mi esposo el es amante de su programa,quisiera saber que puedo hacer,
    Muchas gracias..

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