New Maserati Ghibli Headlamp detail

It appears those of us in the US market will only be eligible to partake of the new Maser in base and S Q4 trim. It’s not a surprise that the diesel-powered Ghibli variant won’t make it to our shores, but it is a disappointment.

Both US-market versions will be motivated by the new direct-inject 3-liter twin-turbo V6 introduced with the newest Quattroporte. Does this mean a 530HP Ghibli GTS is still on the horizon? Seems technically plausible, but still… perhaps not, as it would undoubtedly cannibalize the sales of its bigger stablemate.New Maserati Ghibli InteriorIn base guise, this powerplant is good for 350 HP and 450 Nm of torque. An overboost function will unleash an additional 50 Nm of torque on demand which may be what helps this sedan achieve its 5.5-second dash to 60 mph.

If you happen to find all that simply unimpressive, fear not; the S Q4 will make 410HP and 550 Nm of torque and its 0-60 time is approximately 4.7 seconds. The power introduces itself to the surface of the earth by way of Maserati’s new AWD system which reads as a rear-bias electronically-controlled setup allowing up to 50% power transfer to the front axle. (Full technical specifications have not yet been released)

So, if you’ve been considering a Quattroporte but feel like it’s juuuuust a bit too big and not quite pretty enough… perhaps you should pick up one of these instead.

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