Dodge shows us that SRT has another trick up its sleeve in finding takers for the 2015 Viper! Introducing the Viper 1 of 1 program. Have you dreamed of ordering a bespoke supercar from a major manufacturer but had trouble coming up with the hundreds of thousands–or perhaps millions–of dollars to make it a reality?

Dodge Viper on the run

Well, dream no more; quick math shows this milestone bauble can now be attained for less than $100k and at a premium of only $10k over a standard, less-unique version. And you also get a scale model to view as a proof to make sure your options selections don’t look hideous on the real thing… which you can keep on display while you await completion of your masterpiece.


For 2015, Dodge is making customization so easy on the Viper GTC, it might seem to be no more than a standard vehicle configurator–there are some pretty distinct differences. For one, let’s not forget the Viper is a low-volume car, so there will already be some rarity built in over, say, a Porsche 911. This means it starts off as a fairly customizable car, however the level of customization seems much deeper for the 1-of-1 GTC. Details reveal at least 10 wheel options, 16 interior trims, 8,000 hand-sprayed paint colors and 24,000 hand-painted racing stripes–among other items… to make approximately 25 million variations.


Another supremely interesting detail of this program is that once a specific configuration is chosen by a buyer, it is made unavailable for order by anyone else in that model year. This means, truly, no two can be alike. I’d actually like to see Dodge remove the specific configuration for the entire model run since this is one of the most novel aspects of the program and adds a massive but difficult to equate value. Some might say each order becomes priceless, some might say it unnecessarily limits production volume.


I won’t say priceless, but I will say there’s no real detriment to the bottom line. And there’s a huge upside: this adds another dimension to the ownership experience. Before you’ve even bought the car you’ve got your sleeves rolled up and are knee deep in parts. Consider also: this purchase proposition is a competitionHow badass can you make this car? How far will Dodge let you go? What options have you always wanted but never seen? What’s going to make your friend who’s also buying one say “Damn! I should have done mine like that!” It’s an assumption that all Viper buyers are competitive by nature, but not an unfounded one.wheel1.jpg.pagespeed.ce.qFholwSTVP

Truly, anyone with the means could buy a Viper and customize it, but this one will be built for you by the manufacturer and will be completely backed by them as well. Additionally, this comes with a concierge service which offers interactive, real-time build updates, unprecedented insight and access and concludes with either covered delivery or a tour of the factory in Detroit when you pick up your creation in person.


Before deciding whether you’d partake of the tour or build process insights, take a look a this–frankly beautiful–video of what it takes to make a modern Viper:

Bonus points: Fairly certain it’s narrated by Optimus Prime… Though I think my Viper would be a Decepticon.

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