Submit your sketches here for critique.

Critiques are possibly the single best way to learn and improve upon your skillset. If you have any reservations about having your work critiqued, consider another career. (seriously)

We’ll be thorough, and do our best to keep everyone’s comments in line.

Things to remember:
Don’t take it too personally
Try to remain objective
Everyone can improve
Everyone can learn something

Check out this simple equation:

Successful because + Unsuccessful because + Possible improvement = GOOD CRITIQUE  

The most important aspect for the critic and the critiqued is the ‘because’ as it shows one party is thinking and shows the other party another way to think.

Being critical isn’t about being cruel, it’s about being able to identify something, analyse it, and envision something better. It’s a learning opportunity, a team-building opportunity–and a lot of the time, it’s fun.

So be cool.

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