Tesla Motors unveiled its groundbreaking Supercharger network.

So far, six ultra-fast charging stations have been strategically placed throughout California and they produce energy with virtually zero running costs–this network is a game changer for electric drive vehicles.

Considering it will provide Tesla Model S with a very large zone free of even a hint of ‘range anxiety’ and will do so at NO COST to the owner, this will no doubt be a boon to Tesla Model S sales in California in the short term.

The plan is to provide this type of coverage for major metropolitan areas across the world to make ‘range anxiety’ a thing of the past, starting in the US. Additionally–and this part is truly outstanding–Tesla plans to create electric drive corridors for transcontinental routes such as: Los Angeles to New York, Miami to Montreal, and San Diego to Vancouver.


A sound business model might include a charge per charge (that’s funny) for EVs from other brands and a discounted or non-existent rate for Tesla owners or even a type of premium membership structure available to any EV owner.

The idea of pulling into a high-speed charging station and filling up for free while I enjoy a freshly pulled doppio espresso is one I find rather attractive, especially if I’m about to embark on–or am in the middle of–a long-distance journey. Give me free wifi, some check-in specials, and maybe some free digital downloads to reinforce how noble I am for going green, and I think I might even begin to associate a trip to the charging station as a luxurious destination meant only for the privileged.

I can’t be  the only one. And I doubt I’m the only one excited by it.

For more info on this awesomeness, check out SuperchargerSolarCity, and Tesla Motors

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