Ferrari - LaFerrari Concept Development  Sketch (17)In case you haven’t gotten enough of this car or have yet to decide if it’s hideously ugly or magnificently beautiful, here are some development sketches and a few renderings to help you make your decision.

Ferrari - LaFerrari Concept Development  Sketch (11)Unique, forward-thinking, incorporating some interesting styling cues and technology–it’s a bit like an advanced surfacing exposition and it’s pretty much just arrived from the future. Interestingly enough, this is evolved from one of the more reserved concepts pitched for the LaFerrari… impressive.

Ferrari - LaFerrari Concept Development  Sketch (23)However, one of the most interesting things about this Ferrari may not be its name, its technology, how it fits 950HP in its body, or even how that body looks… The most interesting thing about it may just be its conspicuous lack of a pininfarina badge. (see those “Ferrari Design” badges on the concept sketches?)

Ferrari - LaFerrari Concept Development  Sketch (24)Ferrari proudly states that the fabled and revered design house had no input on the car, but many observers tend to disagree pointing to its flowing forms, complex surfacing, and other features while referencing prancing horses of the past.

Ferrari - LaFerrari Concept Development  Sketch (15)Valid points, perhaps, but the family resemblance is not a conspiracy or even a coincidence. This is supposed to be a Ferrari–and it is.

Enjoy the gallery below, which shows the concept sketches along with several photos of the recently revealed design directions:

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