Lotus Cars is alive and kicking! Part of their newest plan for survival debuted March 3rd at the Geneva Motorshow: the Evora 400. If you’re wondering, the 400 denotes its horsepower… which is being reported as a significant 55hp-gain over the outgoing Evora S. However, if one considers the base Evora as comparison–and really, one should, this is a 124hp increase. Yes, that is quite of lot of equines.

Exterior:lotusevora400_09Considering the Evora 400 supplants all variants of the prior Evora, you wouldn’t be out of your mind to question why it looks so very much like a mild facelift of the outgoing model. Indeed it does appear an aggressively over-styled bodykit was added to a beautiful car. However, Lotus assures us this car is two-thirds new. And if customer feedback was that the outgoing Evora’s styling was too tame and that it needed more spice, this update seems to have addressed the issue.


Though it does appear the designer of the front fascia wasn’t aware of what car it was meant to be applied to. Much of the front-end strikeface is devoured by a jarring, uninformed 3-part intake graphic. There is also a curiously shaped chin spoiler which branches upward to point toward what appear to be fairly uninspired LED DRLs. On the plus side, apparently well-resolved and moderately sculpted lead-in toward the intakes clearly presents this Evora as a more modern version of the unadorned original (as well as more assertive looking than even the Evora GTE).


The rear end treatment seems less a departure from the first Evora, with crisply delineated, concave inner surfacing sculpted in toward the tail lamps. Somewhat of a modern scallop or Kamm tail, it looks a bit like a vacuum- or hydro-formed panel and–unfortunately–reminds this viewer a bit too much of current Lexus styling. That said, this surface is bound by sharper, cleaner surfaces, which prepare your eyes a bit more for the skewed squircle-encapsulated low-mount reverse lights which flank the fairly traditional rear diffuser and center-mounted exhaust tip.

400HP and 410NM of torque translate to a top speed of 186mph and 0-60 time of approximately 4.1 seconds–and qualifies the E400 as the most powerful and fastest production Lotus ever. Its chassis is an impressive 22kg lighter than the version that used to be able to pull a 0-60 time of 4.8 seconds (or 4.4 in S-trim).

Interior:lotusevora400_03This is all-new for the Evora400, but you’ll find it quite familiar… Perhaps it’s due to the red and black leather featured in the promotional imagery, but it appears to have a dash of Ferrari flavor thrown in–something a potential Lotus owner might take issue with. Or might not.

Looking forward to a hands-on with this one as the Evora has been one of my favorite under-rated sports cars since its introduction and its newly massaged powertrain promises to be a lot of fun. My question for Lotus might be: “Can I have one with the old bodywork?”

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