Check out this video of the 991 Carrera 4S being driven through some beautiful German mountain roads.

Certainly the most comprehensive redesign since the 996, the 991 may also be the best looking 911 in recent history.

My eyes cannot help but be drawn to the slimmer, sharper, inset tail lamps and chiseled-looking rear vents and integrated spoiler; distinct, unique, and modern, but very recognizable as a 911.

Purists will be quick to point out its longer wheelbase and shorter overhangs have pushed the rear axle into a position that puts the engine in an almost-rear-mid layout… no doubt this improves both high-speed stability, handling under load changes, and handling at the limit of traction.

Of note is the addition of Dynamic Motor Mounts (previously reserved only for the Turbo and GT3) when you opt for the Sport Chrono Package; these magnetorheological mounts are meant to compensate for the engine location by counteracting the inertia of the (so very rear-mounted) powerplant and reducing effects of polar momentum. There’s a good amount of extra work involved here… perhaps a mid-mounted engine is a better idea? Obviously, no one would make this suggestion–nor take it seriously–for a 911.

The additional 1.73″ of width (check out those fenders!) and the slightly aggressive front valence with its larger intakes exude a bit more confidence and manage to make the 911 look a bit more like something special. It can be argued that, visually, the 991 is not only an advancement of the 911, but is in a class above the outgoing 997. This basically means that the 991 Turbo will look like a proper supercar. Speaking of a 991 Supercar, have you seen the RUF 991 yet?

Porsche has also produced a microsite specifically for the Carrera 4, check it out here:

And while we’re on the topic, here are a whole ton of photos of the 991 Carrera, Carrera 4, and Carrera 4S.

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