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radar featuredSo, I survived driving to two separate Thanksgiving celebrations (one of which necessitated 6+ hours of round trip travel) and am now looking at a fast-approaching Christmas travel event. Truly, this is the most wonderful time of the year.

radar001Driving through New York, New Jersey, and Delaware, I found a renewed level of awareness of the sheer amount of surveillance of public roadways. There are patrol cars with radar and laser, speed cameras, and traffic cameras, of course, but also the occasional aerial speed enforcement warning…

aircraft radarThe Max360 performed quite admirably through my travels. Primarily, it confirmed police activity when already visible (with arrows literally pointing out the radar origin direction), but 360-degree coverage also alerted me to a cruiser approaching quickly from behind, and identified more than one exceptionally well-executed speed trap and alerted me ahead of time for upcoming traffic cameras.

FullSizeRender_3 My passengers insisted the radar detector should be hidden rather than mounted in plain sight, as it was illegal in many states, but this is actually not true at all. While I’d say, absolutely, do not leave a parked car with a radar detector visible on the dash or windshield, it would be to avoid damage or theft. In fact, owning and operating a radar detector is legal in all states in the US except Virginia–they are also not allowed in Washington, D.C. As for mounting it in plain sight, it’s the best place for it performance-wise, but it does also somewhat advertise its use.

FullSizeRender Mounting it, I used the sticky suction cup (which functioned better than expected) and mounted the detector low on the middle of my windshield, making sure not to obstruct its view with the windshield wiper blades. I found the supplied power cord to be just a tad too short, but only slightly limiting in terms of ideal placement. The tautness of the cable gave me the impression the connection points might fail after some amount of use (especially since I’d likely plug and unplug it every time I parked) so I’ll likely buy an extender and experiment with other mounting locations in the future. It’s a pricey piece of hardware, so I’d rather not have it fail prematurely. Also, I’d prefer to keep my auxiliary power port intact.

FullSizeRender_2 Speaking of expense, while it is not inexpensive, some quick math with produce a pretty compelling argument for its purchase. Including the cost of the ticket AND the certain increase to your insurance premium, this device more than pays for itself if it saves you from one speeding ticket over the course of its lifetime. Almost like another form of insurance that you actually see working. And for further security, there’s the Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee if you purchase your unit directly from: Considering the functionality and appearance of the unit, I’m not terribly surprised it’s recommended over the Valentine One. Of particular interest to me was the app which worked in unison with the device: Escort Live. It’s free, requiring only that you register your device, and connects to the detector via bluetooth. Essentially, this makes your phone the ultimate traffic enforcement notification and display device. All alerts are routed through your phone, and you can access device settings through the app. (I increased my Max360’s screen brightness and made it green rather than default blue to better match my instrument cluster.)

radar app

With this app, you could essentially offload all notification duties from the detector, freeing up mounting options and placing your detector optimally for performance, and your phone on a separate mount for maximum readout visibility. Certainly worth some experimentation going forward…

Visit Escort 360 to learn more about all the specifications that make the Max360 a smart, high-tech way to provide you some peace of mind on the roadway.    

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