One of only approximately 350 produced between 1967 and 1970, this gorgeous GT is widely recognized as the most collectible and first Japanese supercar–one in concourse condition could fetch over $1 million at auction.

Toyota 2000GT (1)The front-engine RWD 2-seater was a collaborative effort between Toyota and Yamaha and was designed to compete with the high-profile European sportscars of its day, e.g. the newly introduced and critically-acclaimed Jaguar E-Type, the sporting Lotus Elan, and the evergreen Porsche 911.

Toyota 2000GT (16)Interestingly enough, it seems this Toyota was originally conceived as a Nissan concept: the A550X styled by Albrecht Goertz of BMW 507 fame.  Nissan abandoned the nearly complete concept and Yamaha asked Toyota if they might be interested in picking up the proect. Luckily, they were, and an agreement was made to develop it into a Toyota product. Toyota tasked their own Satoru Nozaki with the design of an entirely new body. The exterior goal appears to have been to be more sleek, more sexy, more aerodynamic, and more exotic than its competitive set.

Toyota 2000GT (17) Verdict? It’s obviously extremely difficult to beat the E-Type in the looks department, but to these eyes, the 2000GT does it.

Toyota 2000GT (9)

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