car design schoolSo, you want to be a car designer. It’s a highly competitive field, and you need more than just skill to succeed.

How does one become a car designer? To get a good start, start sketching right now. Seriously, stop reading now, and find a ball point pen and some paper. Sketch 50 cars from at least 10 different angles, and come back to read the rest of this page.

How did it go? Post some on our sketch wall for some free feedback!

Now, here’s a list of schools around the world (start thinking globally if you’re not already) that offer certificate, undergrad, and masters courses in either Transportation Design, Automotive Design, Car Design, or Transport Design. The reputation are well-earned, but the quality of students coming out of each program does fluctuate, so don’t base your decision on that alone. Consider also: geographic location, job placement, publicity, alumni of note, and–perhaps most importantly–faculty and staff.  And remember that this is about your own education and is essentially an investment in your future self…

This list is alphabetical:

Creapole(Paris, France)
DSK-ISD India(Pune – India )
DYP-DC(Pune, India)
Espera Sbarro(Pontarlier, France)
Hong-Ik University(Seoul/Sejong, Korea)
Huddersfield University(Huddersfield – UK)
ISD France(Valenciennes, France)
ISSAM– The Istituto di Scienza dell’Automobile di Modena (Modena, Italy)
Montreal University(Montréal, Canada)
Politecnico di Milano(Milan, Italy)
Pratt Institute(New York, USA)
Royal College of Art  (London, UK)
Scuola Politecnica di Design (Milan and Turin Italy)
Strate College(Paris, France)
Umea Institute of Design(Umeå – Sweden)
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4 thoughts on “Schools

  1. Hello i really want to be a car designer love cars know so much about them just dont know where to go for college im really considering european area please help thanks

  2. Jamal, this is a good place to start learning more about the industry! Do you have a portfolio already?

    Check out our “Reference” page for some ideas.

  3. I am a Diploma holder from INDIA. I wanna pursue a degree in Transportation/Automobile Design abroad.

    What do I do? IDK How to apply abroad and what is the entrance criteria for Indian students.

  4. I was born with a talent, designing cars is in my blood, but am not doing anything now, but I want to study, but I have no one to help me since 1997 I was designing, more than 100 designs, and am a father of two, living in south Africa, I did my high school up to grade 11. Looking for sponsors to help my career. My email is

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