Volvo expands its Cross Country subbrand to include sedans… 

Volvo S60 Cross CountryConsidering the average consumer’s interest in small SUVs and crossovers, offering a Cross Country trim level on the S60 does seem like a no-brainer. Should there not be a Cross Country and R version of every Volvo product offering? Imagine pushing the XC90 downmarket into a people-mover-esque wagon and rebadging the current model as the V90 Cross Country.

Volvo S60 Cross Country

In any event, the V70 Cross Country (V70XC)  was one of those splendid additions to a product range way back in 1997. The V70 wagon was selling well, and an off-road capable AWD version with a more rugged appearance was an undeniable boon to Volvo sales–and it increased market visibility a great deal as well. Interestingly enough, the Subaru Legacy SUS was a contemporary… but these days, the S60 Cross Country will be the only SUS, and the only luxury SUS to boot.

Perhaps a counter-intuitive move, the S60 Cross Country will be available with FWD in various markets. And another another difficult decision: these won’t be badged S60XC, but will stick to the “Cross Country” branding.

Volvo S60 Cross Country

For the US, this car will launch with AWD and the 250HP T5 powerplant.

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